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Buy Cashmere – Send Orphans to school

This is not just a cashmere sweater – this cashmere sweater, because you purchased it, has already profoundly changed the lives of over a hundred children as they now have access to care and education.

Luxe4Education has edited every year for the last five years a beautiful collection of timeless men and women sweaters, warm cardigans, trendy hoodies, cozy ponchos and shawls, incredibly soft coats, versatile and lovely scarves, hats, gloves… all 100% cashmere, and 100% of profit benefiting projects that provide the chance of a lifetime to orphaned or abandoned children, by allowing them to go to school.

Luxe4Education is working hand-in-hand with the following organizations: Bethel in Beijing is home to 130 blind orphans, and provides top quality care and education – Children of Madaifu in the provinces of Shaanxi and Gansu focus on giving scholarships to abandoned children, while allowing them to stay in their community. Mifan Mama in Shanghai fosters blind or visually impaired orphans, and guides them to autonomy and adoption.

Marie-Blandine Longin

Marie-Blandine Longin