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Mifan Mama
Mifan Mama launched a project in 2012 called Shining Star : a residential home for blind orphans, in Shanghai. Shining Star is a family home for children 1 to 8 years old, where they are taught independent living skills, orientation and mobility, fine and gross motor skills. The mission of Shining Star is to prepare children to move on speciallized schooling and/or adoption.



Braille Without Borders
Braille Without Borders was created in Lhasa in 1998 by Sabryie Tenberken and Paul Kronenberg. It is a school for blind children, and a vocational training centre (medical massage and physiotherapy, kitchen management, cheese production…), aiming at self integration of blind people in Tibetan society.



Bethel was founded in 2003 by Guillaume and Delphine Gauvain. Located near Beijing, it is home to over 80 blind and visually impaired orphans. Bethel functions as a village, with residential homes for the children, and a school. It provides high-quality foster care, education and therapy. Bethel’s mission is to successfully integrate blind children in society through education.




Children of Madaifu
Children of Madaifu
was founded in 1999 by Dr. Marcel Roux, former Vice President of Doctors Without Borders, to address the needs of orphans in remote, deprived areas of China. The association aims to keep such children in their local environment  by giving an allowance to foster families to provide for their fundamental needs and education.